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    Qualitative research. Quality insights.

    You want to make an informed decision. You need reliable, relevant customer feedback on messaging, product concepts, brand positioning, usability, and more. And you need it now.

    For nearly 15 years, Baccus Research Group has provided that detail. That agility. That focus.

    We are not bound by one or two research techniques. Baccus Research Group can recommend the qualitative approach to best meet your research objectives. If needed, we can devise a smart, new way to uncover the insight and answers you seek.

    Like you. We listen to our customers.

    We had an independent brand consultant conduct interviews with our clients to uncover their perceptions of Baccus Research Group.

    Some verbatim comments of what we heard:

    “You don’t have to hand hold them. When we are testing something with a tech audience and I use jargon, I never have to explain it. They get up to speed really fast.”